DinoPaint: Dinosaur Coloring Book

Painting goes Prehistoric

DinoPaint Coloring Book Features

DinoPaint is great value, educational software at just $9.95.  Kids love dinosaurs, and with DinoPaint they can have fun coloring in these fascinating creatures, and learn about them at the same time.

DinoPaint Coloring BookFree versionRegistered
kid-friendlyKid Friendly The program is really easy to use. Any child who is comfortable with the basic move and click features of the mouse will have no trouble with this fun product. Yes Yes
educationalEducational The Fact Files give interesting and informative facts about all the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, including how big they were, when they lived, what they ate, and much more.
Yes Yes
coloring-pageColoring Pages The program comes with 5 dinosaur pictures to start with. With the registered version you can access all 30, and there will be even more to come! 5 pages 30 pages
blank-pageDraw a Dinosaur There are 5 blank pages at the end of the book where kids (and parents too) can have fun with the marker pen, and eraser to draw their very own dinosaur pictures. Yes Yes
paint-bucketBucket Fill Quickly fill in areas with the easy to use paint bucket. Click on the paint colorand then click on the part of the picture to fill. Yes Yes
paint-brushPaint Brush The freeform paint brush lets you color using flowing brush-strokes. Choose from 7 different brush sizes. Yes Yes
magic-brushMagic Brush The magic paint brush, is like a clever version of the paint brush that stays inside the lines. Great fun for adding details, like spots, stripes, and shading. Yes Yes
markerMarker Pen and Eraser Want to draw your own coloring picture? With the marker and eraser you can add and remove black outlines, to change the coloring page, or create your own picture on a blank page. Yes Yes
undoUndo Everyone makes mistakes, but there's no need to worry. Just press the "Oops" button to undo mistakes (10 levels of undo). Yes Yes
paint-colorsPaint Colors Each color palette has 20 colors ready to use, and there are 10 palettes to choose from - 200 ready made paints. Yes Yes
dropperColor Mixing For even more colors, just suck some paint into the Dropper, squirt it into a mixing tray and then add another color. Every effort has been made to make color mixing as realistic as possible - just like real paint! Yes Yes
washWashing Up Although there are lots of mixing trays available you may eventually want to wash them clean. It's as easy as picking up the Tap and clicking over the tray to wash away the paint. You can also clean off your page to start over. Yes Yes
soundsFun Sound Effects Slurp, gurgle, splat! Kids love sound effects, and this product uses them in a fun way without going crazy. Hear the paint being sucked up into the Dropper and squirted into the tray, the sound of the Brush on paper, and the gurgling water as the Tap washes the paint away. Yes Yes
print-and-savePrint / Save / Email It's great to be able to do all that coloring in on screen, but sooner or later kids will want to be able to share their pictures with their loved ones. Pictures can be printed, or they can be saved onto disk so that they can be printed later or e-mailed off to Grandma! Yes Yes
zoomZoom and Scroll To add fine details to a picture or fill you can zoom in and then scroll around the coloring page. Yes Yes

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